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Directory Profile Support


If you would like changes made to your profile...

Please send any update requests for your profile to

If a profile should be added to the Website...

For graduate student profiles, please contact the SAA Office ( for profile additions to the Website.

For all other profile additions, please contact the admins (

If a profile should be removed from the Website...

For graduate student profiles, please contact The SAA office ( for profile removals.

For all other profiles, please contact the admins (

Faculty Profiles

If you would prefer to have the Admins make changes...

Please send any update requests for your profile to

If you would prefer to make changes to your profile yourself...

  1. Navigate to your profile.
  2. Click the pencil icon under your profile picture.
  3. At this point the system will prompt you to sign in using Google. Please complete the sign-in process through U-M weblogin. You will be asked to verify basic account information on your first login.

If the user identity was successfully verified and passed authorization, then the profile edit form will be presented. Please note updates may take a few minutes to complete.

After the form submission, if the system fails to initially process the request, then it will not show the #success message. Instead, the URL ending will read #failed. Please try the submission again, and if the issue persists, please send an email to

  • If you are uploading a picture, please make sure the image file size is no larger than 3 MB. Please note your profile image will be cropped to 245 width x 368 height.

  • Please note you cannot make changes to your tags. These changes can be done by requesting changes through

If your research keywords should be updated...

A faculty member's program area(s), along with any research keywords, are tagged in a faculty member's profile. Clicking on any of these links will bring up all department members associated with the same tag. A list of currently used research keywords is available on the Faculty Research Interest page.

Please contact the admins ( with your updates to your research interests.

Please note there is a maximum of four keywords for faculty and a maximum of six keywords for joint faculty.

If you would like to have a research interest added to your profile that is not on the Faculty Research Interest page, please contact the admins ( A ticket will need to be submitted to LSA Web Services before these research interest(s) can be added.


If you have further questions, please contact LSA IT - East Hall at