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Creating Websites

These are instructions on how to create your own faculty or lab Website.


We suggest WordPress for your Website. This software is offered and fully supported through LSA Web Services. Please read visit their Getting Started page for details. To have a WordPress site created, please fill out the Need Analysis and select "Faculty, Lab, Research Sites using WordPress" for your software platform. 

If your Website needs do not fit within the scope of LSA Web Services, LSA IT will provision a cPanel instance and allow you to install and run your own WordPress, along with other Content Management Systems. This option is mostly intended for developers, but LSA Instructional Support Services Learning Technologies and Consulting Group will offer support for WordPress sites created within cPanel. To have a cPanel instance created, please fill out the Need Analysis and select "cPanel" for your software platform. 

Google Sites

Another option for Websites is Google Sites, which are supported through More information is available on their Website. Please note that all Google Sites are currently blocked in China.

Some Tips

  • We recommend using non-serif fonts such as: Arial, Helvetica, Tahoma and Verdana.
  • Anything less than 10-point font will be difficult to read
  • Pictures of people are generally more appealing. Questions, problems, concerns: please contact Jocelyn Anderson ( or visit Jocelyn’s office in SAA.