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Research Funding

The Psychology Department encourages faculty to seek externally sponsored research funding.

Administrative staff are available to answer questions, assist with budgeting, compilation of the proposal package, preparing and routing the UM Proposal Approval Form (PAF) to the required UM units, and overseeing project financial activity after the award is received.

If you are considering submitting a research proposal, please send an email to notify the Research Process Coordinator, at You will then receive specific timing information on due dates for sections of your proposal, and more details about getting the process started.

Psychology Grant Submission Resources

LSA Grant Submission Resource

Steve Beach ( is available to work with any of you and your departmental research administration structure to:

  • help to find Sponsors external to UM
  • use eGIF for internal funding
  • come up with a realistic budget
  • read your project proposal against sponsor information for suggestions
  • provide access to successful examples of funded projects
  • get you connected with departmental Research Administrators

Please feel free to contact Peggy and/or Steve directly if you want to talk more about a project you are working on. They are happy to work with you whether you are already working on a grant proposal or whether you are in the very first stages of a project idea and aren't sure what funding sources might be available.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Helpful Tools

Funding Opportunities

The U–M Research website provides information about internal (U–M) and external research funding opportunities. ORSP funding page.

Community of Science

The Community of Science (COS) website can be personalized, so researchers will receive only those notices that pertain to their particular interests.

Funding from Foundations

Faculty meeting presentation and sponsor links (PDF) - Maureen Martin 4/03/2015.