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Michigan Neuroimaging Initiative

The Michigan Neuroimaging initiative aims to enhance and expand neuroimaging research at the University of Michigan and to encourage collaboration with other neuroimaging researchers and researchers in other fields who can contribute innovative methods, computational resources, or new perspectives that will aid neuroimaging research. 

Consulting Professional and Technical Staff:

Michael Angstadt
Office: B412 East Hall, Tuesdays 

Michael Angstadt is on the technical staff of the Psychiatry department and is one of the coauthors of the UM Neuroimaging Methods Core (MC) tools and processing system. Mike can provide consulting on the MC tools, MATLAB programming, Python, experimental design, interpretation of results, and all aspects of preprocessing and analysis of neuroimaging analysis.

Bennet Fauber
Office: B412 East Hall, Tuesdays 

Bennet Fauber is a Scientific Softare Analyst for the UM Advanced Research Computing group, where he maintains software and provides technical support for UM’s central computing clusters. Bennet is the primary maintainer for the Brainbox project and provides assistance with systems use (Linux), general programming, cluster use, automation, data management, and integrating various components of UM’s computing infrastructure.

Andrew Jahn
Office: 1265 East Hall 

Andrew Jahn has a PhD from Indiana University and is the author of the popular Andy’s Brain Blog. Andy can provide consulting and assistance on experimental design, interpretation of results, and analysis of fMRI data (with the packages SPM, FSL, AFNI), volumetric data (with FreeSurfer), and DTI data (with TBSS).