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G&FP Curriculum

Selected Course Offerings from Faculty in Gender & Feminist Psychology

Undergraduate Courses

  • Psych 121/WS 253: First-Year Seminar in Psychology as a Natural Science: Gender, Sex, & Sexuality in Science and Medicine
  • Psych/WS 225: Psychology of Human Sexuality
  • Psych 291/WS 291: Introduction to the Psychology of Women and Gender
  • Psych 394/WS 394: Sex, Sexuality, & Public Policy
  • Psych 400/WS 432: Biopsychological Approaches to Gender/Sex Special Problems in Psychology as a Natural Science/Advanced Topics in Gender and Health
  • Psych 401/WS 345: Special Topics in Gender in a Global Context: Psychology of Social Change: Gender and Global Feminisms
  • Psych 494/WS 494: Adolescent Sexuality
  • Psych 430/WS 452: Sexuality and Science

Graduate Courses

  • Psych 655/WS655: Psychology of Women
  • Psych 808/WS 698: Women, Gender, and Work
  • Psych 808/WS 698: Qualitative Methods

Graduate Courses Offered in Women’s Studies for Joint Program Students

  • WS 530: Feminist Theory
  • WS 602: Approaches to Feminist Scholarship in the Humanities & Social Sciences
  • WS 603: Approaches to Feminist Scholarship on Women of Color
  • WS 698: Feminist Science Studies

Details about Doctoral Program in Psychology & Women’s Studies

The Gender & Feminist Psychology Area houses the Joint Doctoral Program in Psychology and Women’s Studies. The University of Michigan is unique in offering a joint doctoral degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies. This PhD program represents a bridge between two top-ranked departments at UM: The Department of Psychology (consistently ranked in the top three psychology departments) and Department of Women’s Studies (ranked in 2005 in the top three departments/programs in the nation). The joint Ph.D. program in Psychology and Women's Studies requires a curriculum of core courses in Women’s Studies, elective courses in Women’s Studies, and a curriculum in psychology. A preliminary examination in both disciplines and an interdisciplinary dissertation are also required.

Students in the Ph.D. program in Psychology and Women's Studies complete: (a) all Psychology departmental requirements; (b) most requirements associated with one of the other Areas within Psychology; and (c) the requirements of Women’s Studies (3 courses required of all doctoral students, 3 additional electives which may include courses cross-listed with Psychology, and a prelim essay reflecting on the ways in which their 619 project is and isn’t informed by an interdisciplinary women’s studies perspective).