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Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship


This fellowship provides three terms of support that may begin with the Spring/Summer or Fall term. Rackham Predoctoral Fellows are expected to work full-time toward the completion of degree requirements throughout the period of the award. Fellowships include a stipend of $32,640 (currently), candidacy tuition and fees for a maximum of twelve months. GradCare insurance will be available during the fellowship period. Rackham’s intention is that these fellowships are awarded to outstanding students who will complete their dissertation in the year in which they hold the fellowship.

Who Should Apply?

This award is for students who will begin their final year in either Spring/Summer or Fall of 2018, and will complete the PhD in Winter or Spring/Summer (respectively) of 2019.


  • Students who will have achieved candidacy by January 8, 2018 (for Winter 2018 or earlier), and are actively working on dissertation research and writing.
  • Preference is given to students who are on track to complete their degrees within six years (excluding time spent on Rackham approved absences).

Application Procedures

Each Area may nominate up to two students. Students should check with their Area Chair to see if the Area has an earlier deadline date. The following materials must be submitted to the Student Academic Affairs Office by the area chair. It is important to submit each item as a separate PDF document to

  • Student's personal statement describing their dissertation and any additional information they wish to bring to the attention of the selection committee. The statement should address the importance of the student's work in the beginning two or three sentences. The statement should include the theoretical framework of the dissertation, its specific aims, methodologies (how the student will conduct the research), originality, and the significance and contribution of the project to the field. Fellowship committees place strong emphasis on this statement. The statement should be written with an interdisciplinary faculty review panel in mind; i.e., reviewers would NOT necessarily be familiar with the technical vocabulary of a specific field. (1,500 word limit)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of the dissertation title and dissertation abstract (150 word limit).
  • One letter of recommendation for each nominee, which "must come from the faculty member who will supervise the dissertation, commenting on the student's overall performance, potential and expected time to degree."

The SAA Committee will review all nominations and select three to forward to Rackham. After these three nominees are identified, we will require two additional letters of recommendation for each of the nominees. For each application that is chosen to be forwarded, a Statement of Student Achievement and Potential will be required. Area Chairs will be notified later in the nomination process if they need to submit such a statement.

For more information about this fellowship, please see the Rackham website.

Application Deadline: 12/7/2017