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Rackham Barbour Fellowship


In 1914 the bequest of Levi L. Barbour established a scholarship program at the University of Michigan for women of the highest academic and professional caliber from the area formerly known as the Orient to study modern science, medicine, mathematics and other academic disciplines and professions critical to the development of their native lands. 

Approximately 5-8 awards (depending on availability of funds) are available. Awards cover full tuition and registration fees plus a stipend of $20,400 (currently) for one academic year (fall and winter terms), GradCare and dental (Option 1). Students may receive only one award. Awards are non-renewable.

Who Should Apply?

Female students who meet the eligibility requirements noted below should indicate their interest in being nominated to their Area Chair.


The following restrictions apply. The nominee:

  • Must be a citizen of countries in the area formerly known as the Orient (encompassing the large region extending from Turkey in the west to Japan and the Philippines in the east).
  • Must not be a permanent resident or citizen of the United States and not married to a permanent resident or citizen of the United States.
  • Must intend to devote themselves to a professional career in their native countries after graduation.
  • Must be enrolled full-time in a graduate program at the University of Michigan leading to a master's degree or a doctorate.
  • Must have completed two full terms of graduate work at The University of Michigan before beginning tenure as a Barbour Scholar.
  • Must be in residence on campus as a full-time student during the tenure of the award.

Application Procedures

Each area may nominate one student by providing the following materials to the Student Academic Affairs Office:

  • One letter of recommendation.
  • A personal statement by the nominee describing her research, future goals, and contributions to her home country (1500 words). In addition, nominees should specifically address key issues in their field, the anticipated impact of their project on their field, how they propose to use their new skills in the service of their country, and their professional goals in terms of the type of work and organization they hope to be employed in 10 years after completing the degree. If the nominee has a promise of a job in her field upon her return home, she should include the name of that organization.
  • Budget statement regarding the student's current means of support (including source, amount and length of support, 1500 words).
  • Current Curriculum Vitae.

Area nominations will be reviewed by the SAA Committee and the selected nominee’s materials will be submitted to Rackham. After the nominee is identified, we will require an additional letter of recommendation for the nominee. Also, a Statement of Student Achievement and Potential will be required. Area Chairs will be notified later in the nomination process if they need to submit such a statement.

For more information about this fellowship, please see the Rackham website.

Application Deadline: 12/7/2017