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Funding Opportunities & Financial Matters

Debit, Research, and Training Funds


Please use the links below to manage your funds:

Debit/Research/Training Fund Activity

Debit/Research/Training Request Form

The login: umroot\uniqnameumich password

Debit accounts are intended to provide equitable and flexible funding during a student's graduate program. Students must be in good standing in their program. The funds are intended mainly to support students' research and travel expenses to professional conferences. Debit accounts are administered through the Student Academic Affairs Office.

Funding Levels

  • The annual funding for debit accounts is $400/year over five years, for a maximum of $2,000. In the event of budget fluctuations that affect the department, the annual allowance may be increased or decreased in a uniform manner for all students.
  • Students in the Joint Program in Social Work & Psychology, and Psychology & Women’s Studies will be allocated $200/year by the Psychology Department. Students should consult their respective office for information on similar funding from the joint program.
  • Students in CPEP will receive funds through their program office.

Allowable Expenses:

Debit accounts can be used to purchase consumable research supplies, copying and printing, research services (such as transcription or data analyses), memberships in professional organizations, journal dues, travel to professional conferences, and for professional development. The Student Academic Affairs Office will be the final authority on allowable expenses.

Procedures & Authorization

  • Every student must submit requests for debit fund expenditures to the Student Academic Affairs Office. An electronic request form can be accessed on the Graduate Financial Matters webpage. The request should include an itemized list of expenses as well as the purpose and explanation of the expenditure. Each request needs to be reviewed by the Student Academic Affairs Chair before authorization is granted for the expenditure.
  • If receipts are already available, they should be provided with the funds request. If the purchases have not yet been made, receipts must be submitted within two weeks after the expenses have been incurred. Failure to provide the appropriate documentation will result in a freeze on the student's debit account.
  • The expected rate of spending is $400 annually, and the balance of funds in a student's debit account will carry forward each year.
  • All student debit accounts expire upon completion of the program.
  • Students can monitor their debit funds activity. A link to the tool is located above.


Financial Matters


Funding Plan

  • Your funds for each term are scheduled in accordance to your funding plan given in your admissions letter.
  • Any and ALL changes in funding that varies from the original plan must be conveyed to the Graduate Program Coordinators before the beginning of each term.
  • Preferably well in advance.
  • If you have questions or concerns regarding funding please reach out to the Graduate Program Coordinators. 
  • You can email them directly or by emailing

Paydates for 2018/2019 Academic Year

Tax Information for Graduates

Rackham provides valuable explanations and resources regarding taxes for both domestic and international students.

This includes:

  • Who must file
  • When to file
  • International Students
  • Resources

Rackham Tax Information

Payroll Office Tax Information


LSA Support for Conferences


Funding for Student Conferences and Events

The College has limited funding available to support graduate student scholarly initiatives including major conferences, symposia, or workshops on the UM campus. Strong preference will be given to events that will provide opportunities for a wide variety of
LSA and UM student involvement as participants or observers. Support is normally restricted to events that have a LSA faculty or administrative sponsor. Contributions from all participating units are expected. 

Requests should include:

  • Budget justification
  • Proposal narrative, including an explanation of the event's intended outcomes and identification of the target audience
  • Current and pending support

Process for applying for funding (eGIF)

eGIF is the portal through which you must apply for funding. By doing so, your request will be routed to several other funding sources on campus.

Notes about using eGIF

The online form will ask you for "collaborators." For this question, please enter a faculty
member who is working with you on the event. This could be the graduate chair or other faculty member who has endorsed this event at the departmental level. If not a faculty member, please indicate an administrator who is knowledgeable about your plans and can provide the department's approval or endorsement of the event.