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Mary Malcomson Raphael Fellowship


This fellowship is offered by the Center for the Education of Women. It is intended as an award of high distinction and is presented to "women held in the highest esteem by their faculty." The amount of the fellowship will be determined by individual need, and more than one may be awarded. Awards will be announced in June.


  1. Women graduate students enrolled for the 2017-2018 academic year in a social science or humanities doctoral program in the College of LS&A, who have completed at least four terms at the U of M at the time of application. Departmental nomination is required.
  2. Must have at least one of the following criteria:
    • Five-year (60 months) consecutive interruption in education any time since high school
    • OR be a Primary Caregiver and anticipate this responsibility will continue during the upcoming academic year
      • A Primary Caregiver is defines as someone who: lives in the same residence at least 50% of the time and consistently assumes major responsibility for housing, health and safety of a minor, older adult or disabled adult.
      • OR lives in a separate residence and provides care for a minor, older adult or disabled adult at a minimum of 20 hours per week without monetary compensation.

Selection Criteria

  • Evidence of academic excellence and capacity for intellectual growth.
  • Clarity of scholarly and professional goals.
  • Potential to make a contribution (broadly defined) of exceptional usefulness to society.
  • Demonstrated financial need

Application Procedures

Each Area can submit one nomination. Nominations should be submitted to the Student Academic Affairs Office by the deadline (below), via email to:

For each nominee, the Area Chair needs to submit the following materials:

  • Two letters of recommendation from people knowledgeable about the candidate's qualifications.
  • Candidate's two-page personal statement regarding her scholarly and professional goals (1,000 word limit).
  • Candidate's two-page academic statement with a description of her scholarly work (1,000 word limit).
  • A Curriculum Vitae.
  • Candidate's statement of a projected budget for 2017-2018 indicating how she expects to finance education and living expenses without the Fellowship. This should include information about any fellowships or external funding that have been awarded for 2016-2017. If your nomination is chosen to be forwarded to the CEW, you will be required to complete the CEW's Application and Financial Statement form.

The Psychology SAA Committee will review all nominations at its January meeting and forward one nomination to the CEW for further consideration. For the application that is selected, the Area Chair for that student will be asked to submit a letter of nomination.

For more information about this fellowship, please see the CEW website.

Application Deadline: 1/11/2018