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Eric Bermann Research Award


The Eric Bermann Research Award is to be granted annually to facilitate the doctoral dissertation research of a University of Michigan pre-doctoral student in Psychology. Specifically, it is to be awarded to the best proposed research on family processes, broadly conceived to include any of the array of possible family focused topics such as:

  • Family psychodynamics
  • Marital and/or family interaction
  • Family violence/abuse
  • Family dissolution and remarriage
  • Intergenerational transmission patterns
  • Family therapy
  • Family stress/coping and resilience
  • Family myths/belief systems
  • Multicultural issues/ethnicity and the family
  • Foster care and adoptive families
  • Law and the family
  • Work and family
  • And other subjects

Should there be no proposal appropriate for or worthy of the award in a given year, the funds will be carried over to future years. So too, at the discretion of the project director or a designated awards committee, depending on funds available, more than one award may be granted in a given year. The annual award amount will be determined by the Clinical Area. 

Who Should Apply?

4th and 5th year students proposing research in the domains specified in the description.


The Approval of Dissertation Prospectus form must be completed and on file in the Psychology Student Academic Affairs Office.

Application Procedures

Interested students should submit the following to the Student Academic Affairs Office:

  • A coversheet, which includes your name, area, year in the program, and a statement confirming that you have submitted your Approval of Dissertation Prospectus. Please do not include your UMID on any of the submitted materials.
  • An abstract of your research interest no longer than one page.
  • A Curriculum Vitae.

Please submit these materials electronically as a single PDF to

Application Deadline: February 8, 2018