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APA Dissertation Research Awards


The purpose is to assist science-oriented doctoral students of psychology with research costs. The current program includes 30-40 grants of $1000 each along with several larger grants of up to $5000 to students whose dissertation research reflects excellence in scientific psychology. Award decisions are made in late November. The Student Academic Affairs Office can endorse up to three students per year for these awards.

Who Should Apply?

Students who have their dissertation proposals approved by their dissertation committee prior to the deadline may apply. An Approval of Dissertation Prospectus Form must be on file in the Student Academic Affairs Office. This form is located on the Dissertation Forms and Requirements page.


  • Applicants must be student affiliates or associate members of APA. Students who are not affiliates must apply for affiliation when submitting materials for the award.
  • Applicants who have already defended their dissertations are eligible to apply, as long as they have not yet received their Ph.D. as of the application deadline of September 1st.
  • You must not have previously received the award.

Application Procedures

Students need to submit the following materials to the Student Academic Affairs Office:

  • Official application form. This form must be typed or neatly printed.
  • 1-page maximum typed cover letter describing your research interests and experience, as well as your career plans.
  • 2-page maximum summary of the dissertation research, including project background and rationale, an explanation of research design (methods, procedure, analysis plan, etc.), and other important aspects of the project. NOTE: Figures and/or tables may be included only if they can be incorporated into the 2-page research summary. The research summary must not exceed the 2-page limit including any budget details and any figures or tables. Do not submit a list of references with your summary (although citations should normally be included in the text).
  • 1-page maximum brief explanation of proposed use of funds (i.e., budget). The award must be used to support expenses that are directly related to the dissertation research (e.g., computer time, animal care, equipment, participant fees, and incentives); it may not be used for tuition, travel, lab assistant pay, consultant fees, or personal expenses. Be sure to justify all expenses and detail any additional funds that will be used for the project. If the budget for the project exceeds the amount available from the award, you should describe the source of the additional funds.
  • 2-page maximum CV including scientific publications, presentations, research, and teaching experience (the CV may contain only highlights and does not need to be a complete version).
  • 1-page maximum letter of recommendation from your faculty advisor. Please communicate to your advisor the importance of adhering to the 1-page limit. Do not submit more than one letter of recommendation.

The SAA Curriculum Committee will review all submissions and select three applications that will be forwarded to the APA.  For more details about these awards, you can go to the APA Dissertation Research Awards website.

Application Deadline: 4/12/2018