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Dissertation Forms and Requirements

In this area of the website you will find mandatory forms, deadlines, and information regarding a Dissertation Defense.

Dissertation Forms-Prospectus

  • Students may email one of the Graduate Program Coordinators prior to asking faculty to be committee members to see if the committee combination they are considering will be approved by Rackham.
  • Students should set up their prospectus meeting once their committee is decided.
  • Students must take the prospectus form to their meeting and have their committee members sign it.
  • Turn in the prospectus form to a Graduate Program Coordinator. They will submit the committee to Rackham Graduate School for the student upon receipt of the signed Prospectus form.
  • Sometimes Committee members need additional review before Rackham will approve them as part of a dissertation committee. The proposed member's CV/Resume will be needed.
  • Students will receive an email from Rackham when their Dissertation Committee is approved.

See Rackham's Dissertation Committee Guidelines for more information on committee make up.

Dissertation Defense Checklist

Please see the form for guidelines on what tasks need to be done, when they need to be done, and who needs to complete them.


Rackham keeps an updated calendar of their deadlines.

Doctoral Degree Deadlines