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Past Thesis Topics


Nadia Danienta – Gender Differences: Revealing Implicit and Explicit Perceptions of Automobiles (Mentor: Stephanie Preston)

Alice Doong – Effects of Age, Fatigue and Cognition on Driving Performance: A Simulator Study (Mentors: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz & Bruno Giordani)

Alexa Ellis – The Developing Math Brain: An fNIRS Study (Mentor: Pam Davis-Kean)

Jonathan Lee – The Role of Cultural Norms and Expectations on Risk-Taking (Mentor: Shinobu Kitayama)

Alexa Shull – Examining the Effects of Induced Rumination on HPA-Axis Regulation (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)


Sarah Byosiere - The Function of Play Bows in Dyadic Canine Play (Mentor: Jacinta Beehner)

Christopher Cannon - Conspicuous Consumption and Sexual Orientation: Status Products as Same-Sex Mate Signals (Mentor: Stephanie Preston)

Hau Dinh - Intersecting Social Identities as a Predictor of Social Justice Consciousness: Exploring the Dynamic Effects of Intersecting Social Identities (Mentor: Lorraine Gutierrez)

Lucy Shih-Ju Hsu - Two is Better than One When it Comes to Charting the Path to Chinese-English Biliteracy: A Multi-Group Analysis on Bilingual and Monolingual Children's Reading and Language Acquisition (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Katie Hu - Finding the "One and Only": Perceptions of Consensual Non-Monogamy and Relationship (Mentor: Terri Conley)

Yasaman Kazerooni - Mood Induced Changes in Global or Local Processing of Information Explained by Locus Coeruleus Norepinephrine Patterns of Activity (Mentor: Richard Lewis)

Piper Keyes - Pair Bonding Attenuates Opiate Reward in the Monogamous Prairie Vole (Mentor: Brandon Aragona)

Eunjung Kim – Fishy Smells Improve Critical Thinking: Explorations of the Embodiment of Suspicion (Mentor: Norbert Schwarz)

Nolan O'Hara - Event-Related Potential Components Associated with the Preparation and Execution of Self-Motivated Deception within a Morally Accountable Context (Mentor: William Gehring)

Marisa Perera – A Look at Emotional and Physical Health in Asian Americans: Are There Emic and/or Etic Differences in Relationship of Coping Style with Health? (Mentor: Edward Chang)

Richard Smith – Interpersonal Relations within Higher Education: African American Student Engagement and Affect Associated with Previous Racial Experiences (Mentor: Rob Sellers)

Wai Him Yam – Effect of Mindfulness Training on Heart Rate Variability in PTSD Patients (Mentor: Israel Liberzon)

Sasha Zarins – Tell a Tall Tale and Watch a Narcissist Fail: Narcissism and Lie Detection Via Email (Mentor: Sara Konrath)

Yu Zhang – Age Differences in Risk-Taking: Validation of the Domain-Specific Risk-Taking Scale in China (Mentor: Richard Gonzalez)

Angie Zuo – Measuring Up: Social Comparisons on Facebook and Contributions to Self-Esteem and Mental Health (Mentor: L. Monique Ward)


Samantha Jones - Methamphetamine Affects Female Sexual Motivation in the Rat: A Quantitative Assessment (Mentor: Wayne Aldridge)

A. Zarina Kraal - Slow-Wave Activity and Memory of Self-Relevant Emotional Information in Major Depressive Disorder (Mentor: Patricia Deldin)

Leslie Rubin - Examining Differences in Health Perceptions, Subjective Experience, and Personality Across Smoking Groups (Mentor: Stephanie Preston)