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Student Organizations and Resources

Professor Rob Sellers at Psychology's Homecoming Tailgate


Psychology Organizations and Resources

Asian/Asian American Psychology Student Association (APSA)

The Asian/Asian American Psychological Student Association is a graduate student organization at the University of Michigan that is geared toward creating a community of Asian/Asian American scholars in the Psychology Department as well enhancing the graduate training and professional development of all graduate students . APSA is involved in recruitment events meant to increase the number of Asian/Asian American graduate students in psychology. APSA also organizes guest speakers, graduate student forums, career development workshops, and social events for its members and other interested graduate students.
Visit the APSA Website.

Black Student Psychological Association (BSPA)

The Black Student Psychological Association (BSPA) is an organization of Black students seeking to enhance the development of Black psychologists, create valid methods and techniques in the investigation of Black people, and in general to promote skills in the application and utilization of psychological principles as they relate to Blacks. The University of Michigan chapter was formed in 1969 to deal mainly with the recruitment and support of Black graduate students and faculty.
Visit the BSPA Website.

Latino/a Student Psychological Association (LSPA)

The Latino Student Psychological (LSPA) is a graduate student organization at the University of Michigan that strives to increase the recruitment and retention of Latino students in the fields of psychology. LSPA is committed to providing a supportive and diverse learning environment for its graduate student members, to serving as advocates for the Latino community, and to educatomg the greater academic community on issues that affect Latino and other ethnic minority groups.
Visit the LSPA Website.

Campus Student Organizations and Resources