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PitE students completing their practical experience can apply for scholarships through PitE by completing the online forms below.

  1. PitE Intent to Apply
    All PitE students applying for a PitE Scholarship must complete this form  by March 17. 

  2. LSA Spring Summer Scholarship application (AVAILABLE BEGINNING FEBRUARY 1, 2018)
    Students taking classes at a UM Field Station, Camp, or Program this spring and/or summer must also complete this LSA application by mid-MarchStudents here will also be asked to complete a Request for Funds Form through the Office of Financial Aid.

Students who receive a scholarship from PitE will be notified by late April, and will receive the scholarship thereafter. Completing these forms helps ensure that students are considered for all funding for which they are eligible. 

Additional Funding for U-M Spring Summer Field Programs

In addition to completing the form above, ALL PitE students taking a class at a University of Michigan Biological Field Station, Camp Davis, New England Literature Program, Semester in Detroit, or Michigan in Washington must also apply for an LSA Spring Summer Scholarship by mid-March.

In some cases, students who do not receive aid during the year are eligible for LSA Spring Summer Scholarships. PitE encourages students to apply for all funding for which they are eligible. There is no harm or penalty in apply for LSA Spring Summer Scholarships.

Many U-M Field Programs also provide merit-based awards and financial assistance. Students should check with the field program for their scholarship application deadlines. 

For students who receive aid during the academic year, they should apply for LSA spring summer aid the same way they would for the fall and winter term aid.

Students participating in CGIS spring or summer programs should also apply for aid by the CGIS Application deadline. 

Funding for Non-UM Field Courses and/or Non-UM Study Abroad

Students completing a non-University of Michigan field course or study abroad (i.e. Wildlands Studies) are eligible for PitE scholarships, but not eligible for LSA Spring Summer Scholarships. After completing the PitE application above, these students should contact the Office of Financial Aid for a Consortium Agreement.