Two undergraduate physics students were awarded the top two prizes for best posters at the 6th Annual Wayne State Undergraduate Research Society of Physics Students (SPS) Conference. A 1st prize of the poster session was awarded to senior Mykola Murskyj for presenting a research poster on the PandaX experiment. Mykola explained his research, “It's a dark matter direct detection experiment that's going to be located in a deep underground lab in China's Sichuan province.” Mykola works with Physics Professor David Gerdes.

Undergraduate Physics, Astrophysics and Cellular & Molecular Biology student Nico Wagner, a junior, won a 2nd prize for his poster pertaining to the research he performed with Physics Professor Henriette Elvang. “The research dealt with counting Feynman diagrams of gluon-gluon interactions. It was found that the number of possible interactions for a given number of gluons can be reasonably well modeled by the Catalan numbers”, Nico said.

The annual Wayne State SPS Undergraduate Physics Conference is an opportunity to display the work and talent of undergraduates in our local community. Awards were made possible by the "George B. and Eveline R. Beard Endowment".

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