Physics Professor Leopoldo Pando Zayas has been selected to receive an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) Outstanding Research Mentor Award from the University of Michigan. Professor Pando Zayas is one of only six UROP sponsors to receive this award. This distinction recognizes Professor Pando Zayas’ contributions to the mentorship and development of young scholars and researchers. The nomination speaks to the importance of such mentorship, not only in a student’s academic pursuits but also in helping them identify future academic and career goals.

Mary Hemmeter, Professor Pando Zayas’ UROP student who nominated him for the award, said, “Professor Zayas stands out as a truly excellent and dedicated mentor. He made sure that I understood ours is a very new field, but one that is causing lots of excitement, and he has since tried to make sure that I have a real involvement in an emerging field. Professor Zayas has been adamant that I should receive the full experience of everything that research has to offer.”

Outstanding Research Mentors exemplify UROP’s goals to actively engage undergraduate students in the research mission of the University of Michigan and to motivate young scholars and scientists to seek further academic and professional research opportunities. The mentors are tremendous role models for their students; they have shared their passion for their work, have exhibited patience in their training, and have taken interest in their students academic, personal, and professional interests.

Find out more about Professor Leopoldo Pando Zayas on the Physics Department Website.