Bradford Orr, Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics is honored for outstanding contributions to undergraduate education as one of this year’s recipients of an Arthur F. Thurnau professorship.

Professor Orr has a record of curricular innovation within the Department of Physics that has earned him numerous teaching awards including the LSA Excellence in Education Award, the Lockwood Distinguished Instructor Award, and the 2010 Provost's Teaching Innovation Prize. Everyday Physics, a course he created in 1993, now is the most popular within the department, and students enthusiastically promote its influence on their academic careers.

Later on, as chair of the department, Professor Orr initiated a comprehensive overhaul of the introductory honors course sequence, integrating computational methods and doubling enrollment. Professor Orr also has assumed leadership roles in the development of academic support programs including the Learning Assistant Program, and he has served as a mentor at all levels.

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-Adapted from the University Record Update on 2/17/12