Martinus J.G. Veltman, University of Michigan Professor Emeritus of Physics and Nobel laureate turns eighty years old later this month. To celebrate this occasion, a special meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 24, 2011 at Nikhef in the city of Amsterdam.

The day will consist of a program of speakers and will be an opportunity to meet with Professor Veltman and many of his friends. Scheduled topics include a nostalgic look at his time as a Ph.D. student and as a Postdoctoral Student in Utrecht, Ann Arbor and elsewhere. Lectures will then probe his scientific work and reflect on the role that Professor Veltman played in the realization of the Large Electron-Positron (LEP) accelerator and more.

Find the program on the following website: Note that the organizers are still finalizing the program. Any further changes will be included in the website, so please check regularly.

Those friends and colleagues who cannot attend, but wish to send a message, can send electronic mail to this address.

At the University of Michigan, Professor Veltman is one of the developers of gauge theories. He focuses on field theoretic aspects of gauge theories and their applications to elementary particle physics, radiative corrections in the Standard Model, the Higgs sector of the Standard Model and its implications for phenomenology and for new physics beyond the Standard Model, and vacuum structure of field theories.


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