Ann Arbor, MI—Five out of six University of Michigan researchers awarded the 2007 American Physical Society Fellowship are affiliated with the UM Department of Physics.


Physics Professor Dante Amidei received the honor for pioneering contributions to the development of b-quark tagging at hadron colliders, and for application of b-tagging to the discovery and study of the top quark. He was nominated by Particles and Fields (DPF).


Physics Professor Karl Krushelnick is honored for pioneering contributions to experimental high-intensity laser plasma physics including the production of high-quality relativistic electron beams, energetic proton beams and the development of techniques to measure very large magnetic fields in intense laser-produced plasmas. He was nominated by Plasma Physics (DPP).


Physics Researcher Noemi Mirkin for her leadership in establishing productive international collaborations, her many achievements in biological molecular physics and for her long service to the international community as an officer and Executive Committee member of the Forum on International Physics. She was nominated by the International Physics (FIP).


Physics Professor Mark Newman for pioneering work on the statistical physics of complex systems, especially the theory and characterization of networks. He was nominated by Statistical & Nonlinear Physics (GSNP).


Physics Professor Roseanne Sension for pioneering work on dynamic in the condensed phase, steady state and ultrafast measurements of excited state dynamics, and optical control of chemical reaction dynamics. She was nominated by Laser Science (DLS).


Robert Krasny for his many achievements in advancing particle methods and tree-code algorithms to allow exceptionally precise computations of vortex dynamics, and his insightful use of the resulting methods to increase the fundamental understanding of regular and chaotic phenomena in fluid flows.


APS members are eligible for nomination and election to Fellowship. Each nomination is evaluated by the Fellowship committee of the appropriate APS division, topical group or forum. After review by the APS Fellowship Committee, the successful candidates are elected by APS Council. Fellowship is a distinct honor signifying recognition by one's professional peers.