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Each Fall and Winter Term, the Department offers approximately twenty undergraduate courses. These include, at the introductory level, a variety of philosophy and logic introductions, some specifically for Honors students, as well as topical First-year Seminars.

There are approximately a half-dozen 300-level courses each Fall and Winter term.  Some of the courses at this intermediate level do not carry prerequisites; these focus on a particular branch of philosophy or area of human concern - e.g., the arts, modern science, the mind, religion, the law, or moral problems.They are designed for students who, having no previous background in philosophy, want to study these areas in a philosophical way. Two of these courses, Philosophy 355 (Contemporary Moral Problems) and Philosophy 359 (Law and Philosophy), typically satisfy LSA's Race and Ethnicity requirement. In general, one of these two courses is offered each Fall and Winter Term.

Other 300-level courses carry a prerequisite of a previous course in philosophy. This group includes courses that function as bridges to 400-level courses. Although there may be occasional exceptions, the following general principles govern Fall and Winter Term offerings: Philosophy 388 (History of Ancient) and 389 (Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century) are offered in the Fall and Winter Terms, respectively; one of 345 (Language and Mind) and 383 (Knowledge and Reality) is offered each of these terms, as is one of 361 (Ethics) and 366 (Political Philosophy); 303 (Symbolic Logic) is offered at least once during the two terms.

Classes still open this term.

For a complete review of all classes, credits, and prerequisite requirements click here for the LSA Online Undergraduate Bulletin.

Courses and descriptions for the past, current, and future terms are provided below.

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