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Reading and Working Groups


For more information about these groups, or to be added to an email group, email the respective contacts listed for each group below.


Aesthetics Discussion Group

Contact: Angela Sun, Arianna Peruzzi, Kendall Walton or Katie Wong

Time/Location: Meets on a TBD basis, contact Angela Sun, Arianna Peruzzi, Kendall Walton or Katie Wong for meeting times and locations

If there is an article that you would like to discuss with this group, please email one of the organizers listed above.

Ancient Philosophy Reading Group

Contacts: Victor Caston and Sara Ahbel-Rappe

Text: Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, beginning with Book 2

Time: 7pm (sharp) - 9pm on 9/14, 10/19, 11/9, and 12/7

Location: Angell Hall 1164 (Seminar Room)

The starting point and focus of our discussions are the ancient texts themselves. Each session, one member of the group translates the text and starts off discussion, with all members interrupting and actively participating as the mood strikes.

Contemporary Metaphysics

Contact: Cameron McCulloch

Time: Meets biweekly on Fridays at 3PM

Location: Contact Cameron McCulloch for more information

Epistemology Reading Group (EPiG)

Contact: Elise Woodard, Calum McNamara

Time: Biweekly on Mondays from 3-4pm

Location: 1164 Angell Hall (Seminar Room)

EpiG is a group which meets bi-weekly to read contemporary papers in epistemology (broadly construed). The topics read range from issues in traditional epistemology, formal epistemology, the intersection of the two, and even some decision theory. Contact Daniel Drucker for times, locations, reading lists, or anything else related to the group.

Ethics Discussion Group (EDGe)

Contacts: Guus Duindam and Katie Wong

Foundations of Modern Physics Reading Group (FOMP)

Contact: Josh Hunt

Time: 12-1pm Bi-weekly

Location: Randall Lab 4th Floor Fishbowl (4246)


Rackham-funded interdisciplinary reading group which focuses on the philosophy of physics and related areas of physics and philosophy. Graduate students and faculty from any department are welcome. For more information, visit our website and e-mail Josh Hunt to be added to the mailing list.

Graduate Student Working Group (GSWG)

Contacts: Kevin Craven and Sumeet Padwarthan

Time: Thursdays 6:30-8:30

Location: 1171 Angell Hall (Tanner Library)

Low-stakes environment where graduate students can present work in progress, give a practice talk before a conference, or explore a philosophical debate. 

Kingdom of Ends

Contacts: Guus Duindam

Time/Location: Typically meets on Thursdays at 9am.  

Text: Kant’s Critique of Practical Reason 


Mind and Moral Psychology Working Group (MMP)

Contacts: Laura Soter and Guus Duindam

Time/Location: Meets on a TBD basis


Philosophy of Science etc. (PoSe)

Contact: Gordon Belot

A forum for talks about philosophy of science and related areas. 

Race, Gender, and Feminist Philosophy Reading Group

Contacts: Elise Woodard, Eduardo Martinez and Filipa Melo Lopes

Time: Biweekly meetings, alternating between Monday 1-2:30pm and Monday 10-11:30am

Location: Contact Elise, Eduardo or Filipa for location information or to be added to the email group


Race, Gender, and Feminist Philosophy Reading Group is a Rackham interdisciplinary reading group (RIW).