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Phil & Ling Workshop

For many years, philosophy of language has been an intensive and influential area of philosophical research. The Michigan Philosophy Department offers a broad range of foci in this area. Faculty research is informed by the idea that language and its scientific study in linguistics and other disciplines is vital for the philosophy of language. Our graduate program in philosophy of language is centered in the Philosophy Department, but we work in close cooperation with the Department of Linguistics.

Faculty and graduate students in Philosophy host an annual Workshop on Philosophy and Linguistics.

2013:     "Context and Discourse"
2012:     "Conditionals and Modality"
2011:     "Intensionality and Reference"
2009:     "Questions in Discourse and Action"  
2008:     "Implicature"
2007:     "Individual Concepts, Conditionals, and Know-How"
2006:     "Modalities and their Linguistic Realizations"
2005:     "Philosophical Applications of Linguistics"
2004:     "The Syntax-Semantics Interface"
2003:     "Pragmatic Issues in Natural Language"
2002:     "Natural Language Semantics"

Through workshops such as these, we hope to bring researchers in philosophy of language to the University for an intensive, productive research experience.