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The Mind-Body Problem for Intentionalists: Some Empirical Issues

Thursday, April 9, 2015
4:00 AM
Classics Library, 2175 Angell Hall


Nowadays almost everyone accepts that experience essentially exhibits intentionality. I develop a puzzle about the intentionality of experience. Externalism about experience (Dretske, Tye) can explain the intentionality of experience. But it is empirically inadequate. Internalism about experience (Block, McLaughlin, Papineau, Prinz) faces the opposite problem. It is more in line with empirical research. But it makes it hard to explain the intentionality of experience. (This talk will be based on my papers, "The Real Trouble for Phenomenal Externalists" and "How Do Brains in Vats Experience Space?")

This is a lecture presented by Mind & Moral Psychology (MMP).