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University of Michigan assets for paleontological research include a distinguished paleontology faculty and an excellent staff. Invertebrate and vertebrate collections are managed by full-time collection coordinators. Other staff includes a full-time graphic artist and a vertebrate preparator. We are fortunate to have a hierarchy of first-class University, Science, and Museum libraries. The Museum of Paleontology maintains the large reprint libraries of Richard Lydekker, Ermine Cowles Case, and Claude W. Hibbard, covering much of nineteenth and twentieth century vertebrate paleontology.

We also include other external resources. If you do not find what you're looking for, please consider contacting one of our curator’s or collection managers directly.

Paleontology Image Repository – Archived illustrations and photographs.

Paleontology Laboratory List – Our laboratories support research programs.

Faunal and Floral Databases – External resources.

University of Michigan Sites – Departmental and Museum sites.

University of Michigan Online Repository of Fossils (UMORF)  – Online repository of 2D images, 3D models, and animations.