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Student Involvement

Collection Conservation: designing and building custom supports for fragile specimens

Anna Minnebo

I am a current sophomore double majoring in American Culture and Anthropology, with a minor in Museum Studies. I hope to have a career working in museums someday. I have always been interested in dinosaurs and fossils, going all the way back to second grade, when I dressed up as a paleontologist for Halloween.

Kenneth Sloss

Emily Mu

This has been my second year at the University of Michigan, where I'm majoring in Communications. Working at the museum has been an amazing opportunity where I have gotten to see so many incredible things (and tell my family I've touched a dinosaur!). Besides working at the museum, I am also a student assistant for the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program, a Michigan learning community focused on writing and the arts. In my free time, I'm an amateur card maker and I hope my future allows me to continue to be creative. 

Fossil Preparation, Molding, and Casting

Margaret Anderson

Hanna Rane

Kajsa Lundeen

Anne Rossett

Invertebrate Collection Conservation and Move

Paige Derue

Bradley Geordt