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Study Abroad

Organizational Studies encourages students to participate in global experiences. If you are planning to study abroad, you should talk with the OS Advisor as early as possible in your planning process.  For a step-by-step planning guide, please review the OS Study Abroad Checklist

Visit the Center for Global and Intercultural Study website to obtain information about the great variety of opportunities available for global experiences sponsored by LSA.  You may also participate in study abroad programs sponsored by other schools/colleges at UM, by other accredited colleges/universities, and by indepependent study abroad providers.

OS does not recommend particular study abroad programs. Most study abroad programs have fairly substantial social science offerings, and typically at least one course can be identified that are transferable to the OS major. 

Winter semester or summer study abroad programs typically do not delay students in their completion of the OS major.  OS students should not plan to study abroad in fall semesters unless they plan to delay their graduation.

All students planning to travel abroad should visit the Global Michigan website for important information on travel documents, travel health insurance (which may be required), and travel warnings, and to register your travel and provide UM with contact information for you while you are abroad. Please note that if you are studying abroad on a UM program, or if UM or OS are providing any funding for your study abroad program, you are required to purchase the UM travel insurance plan.

OS offers a study abroad scholarship for which students may apply.  Students should also check with other departments in which they are pursuing major or minor studies, as well as language and area studies departments, for possible funding opportunities. Additional funding resources are also available at the following links:

As always, see the OS Advisor with any questions as you move the process of preparing for a study abroad experience.