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Planning an OS Pathway

OS Pathways are typically due in mid to late October in the fall semester of your Junior year. The OS Peer Mentors hold a workshop in early-mid October to explain the Pathway process and assist students in developing their Pathways. You may also make an appointment with one of the Peer Mentors to talk individually. The following materials can help you develop your Pathway. 

OS Pathway Video

View this video explaining the history and importance of the OS Pathway.

This workbook serves to guide you through the entire process articulating a pathway and listing the courses you believe will help you to complete your pathway.

This booklet provides sample information on some popular pathway areas. You may use these samples as a model to create your pathway, or you may create a completely new and unique pathway to suit your interests.

OS Pathway Declaration Form

If you are an OS junior, declaring your pathway for the first time (or revising it within your first year in the program), use this form.

If you are an OS senior revising your pathway, use this form.