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About the OS Pathway

Organizations are complex and because they are important in almost all aspects of our lives, they lend themselves to study from many perspectives. While the Interdisciplinary Program in Organizational Studies builds a strong foundation in economic, psychological, and sociological perspectives on organizations, the major also allows you considerable freedom to craft an education plan that caters to your interests. As you complete your core requirements, your major will gain in focus and utility if you have chosen your cluster courses in a thoughtful manner. Because the curriculum is so rich and the areas of interests so diverse, the Interdisciplinary Program in Organizational Studies has created a planning tool called the OS Pathway. This tool is designed to help students navigate through the array of  available courses to them in order to accomplish the educational goals each individual student develops.

An OS Pathway is created individually by each student, and consists of a paragraph describing your interests and goals, as well as a list of cluster courses that you think will best help you reach those goals.

The Pathway is a set of flexible guidelines, rather than a set of rigid requirements. Organizational Studies will provide focused guidance in creating Pathways, and will work with students to change their Pathways as necessary.

What if I've already taken some classes in Organizational Studies?

Your Pathway is built around your interests, and because your previous courses often represent those interests, it is usually not difficult to incorporate them into your Pathway. However, don't make the mistake of anchoring your Pathway around courses you've already completed - there are many things you should consider when crafting your Pathway, including your interests, your future plans, and your post-graduation goals. Courses you have already completed can certainly be a good resource for the formation of your Pathway, but you can feel free to strike out in new intellectual and academic directions as well.

Can I modify my Pathway?

The OS Pathway is intended to be a flexible guide to help you in planning your Organizational Studies education.  You may need to revise it in some way, or you may decide to shift your focus. Your Pathway will help you be mindful about your course selection and your progress through the curriculum, so that you can see the impact of your course decisions. When you are establishing or thinking of changing your Pathway, the OS Pathway Workbook can be a helpful resource to review and you may also contact the OS advisor to talk through your changes.

Where can I find help on my Pathway?

The OS Peer Mentors and the OS advisor are available to consult with students about their Pathways in individual appointments. If you need help on your Pathway, you can email them or make an appointment on the on-line advising calendar.  Every October, the OS Program will also host a Pathway workshop where you can get advice from the peer mentors, the OS advisor, seniors in the program, and your fellow juniors about constructing your Pathway.