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OS Senior Honors Information

Program Completion

As an honors major, you will complete an original research report (thesis) in collaboration with your faculty mentor. The thesis must be formatted as a standard research journal submission, and is typically 30-40 pages in length.

Thesis Submission

You must submit the final thesis, along with the OS Honors Thesis Submission Form,  to your mentor and the OS program in early March (deadline each year is the Friday immediately after spring break). See the Senior Year OS Honors Timeline to get a sense of how you should progress on your research throughout the year. You can also apply for OS Honors Research Support to help support your research.

Thesis Readers

Each thesis is evaluated by three readers: the faculty mentor; the OS Honors Program Coordinator; and an independent faculty reader. The independent faculty reader is chosen by you and your faculty mentor in early February, must be a tenure-track faculty member (may be non-LSA), and should be someone who has adequate knowledge of the research area to make a fair assessment of the project, but no previous connection to the project.

Thesis Defense

You will orally defend and discuss your thesis to your three readers in late March at an OS Honors Defense Meeting, and following this defense, the readers will complete their evaluation of the thesis and assign a designation of "honors", "high honors", or "highest honors" to the project.

Honors students will also have a chance to present their work to the wider OS community at the OS Honors Symposium in April.

Thesis Archive

Lastly, for archival purposes and to reach a broader audience, you have the opportunity to submit your thesis to the University of Michigan’s Deep Blue electronic archive for permanent availability to the academic community. It is recommended you consult your faculty advisor to determine whether now is the appropriate time to submit your thesis to Deep Blue. If you decide to submit your thesis to Deep Blue, you should thoroughly read through the section on Intellectual Property Information, on the LSA Honors Program website.

If your thesis is approved and LSA cumulative gpa requirements are met, an Honors designation will appear on your transcript and diploma upon graduation.