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OS Honors

OS Honors Coordinator Steve Garcia with 2017 Honors Graduates (L to R) Lauren Tassone, Rachel Goldman, Kate Ruehrdanz, and Heather Kendrick.

The Organizational Studies Honors Option

The Organizational Studies Honors Option is designed to enable advanced undergraduate students to gain experience in the design, conduct, and analysis of research on organizations and organizational behavior. In the program, you will collaborate directly with a faculty mentor to complete an original research project. For students with strong academic records and an interest in research, the honors program can serve as a capstone for your undergraduate studies, and as important preparation for graduate studies or other future endeavors.

Organizational Studies majors are preparing for a wide variety of post-graduation activities, including both careers and graduate or professional school. The Organizational Studies Honors Option is focused solely on research skills and activities, and you should be certain that you have a serious interest in academic research, demonstrated in your proposal, and the capability and desire to complete a prolonged independent study project culminating in a major empirical research paper.

Overall Structure and Effort for Honors Option

During the junior year, you must apply for and be accepted into the Organizational Studies Honors Option. The application must include a detailed research proposal, and must be supported and signed by your faculty mentor.  The OS Honors Coordinator will meet with interested juniors both in groups and individually to assist in the development of your honors project and in identifying a mentor.

If admitted, you will enroll in the OS Senior Honors Research sequence in your senior year (OS 497 & 498). Both of these course together will complete your Senior Research Capstone Experience requirement. These are independent study courses in which you will work on your research and thesis with your faculty mentor. You will also meet several times at designated intervals with the OS Honors Coordinator (and other honors students) for ongoing assistance and support throughout the project. As an OS Honors student, you are also admitted to the Honors Program within LSA, and can receive additional support and academic advising through that office.

If you decide to pursue an honors option, your honors thesis will become the defining feature of your senior year. Completing an honors research project requires a commitment of at least two terms working in an independent study format and meeting on a regular basis with a faculty mentor.

You will submit your final thesis for evaluation by a faculty panel in early March of your senior year. You will then participate in an oral defense/discussion of your thesis in late March and will also present your work at a OS Honors Symposium in early April. If your thesis is approved and LSA cumulative GPA requirements are met, an Honors designation will appear on your transcript and diploma upon graduation.

For further information, please review the OS Honors Option Timeline (PDF)