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Professional Dress

What to Wear

“You only get one chance to make a first impression.” Without a doubt, you’ve heard this bandied about and you understand that how you present yourself goes a long way in establishing this first impression. However, how do you decide whether an event dictates and what constitutes casual, business casual, or professional attire?

How to Determine What to Wear

  • Understand the event
    • Reading the event description provides valuable clues for the type of event. If a company is advertising an ice cream social, casual attire is most likely appropriate and business casual is safe! Whereas, if an organization is hosting a dinner, it is safest to assume that professional attire is appropriate.
  • Understand the audience
    • If the event is hosted by a bank, assume that the event calls for professional attire unless otherwise noted. If the event is hosted by a startup, err on the side of business casual.
  • Assume professional
    • It is much easier to remove a suit coat and appear business casual than it is to make casual look business casual. If you are uncertain about attire, showing up in professional attire is probably your best bet.
  • When in doubt, ask the LSA Opportunity Hub
    • If you are completely unsure of what is appropriate, reach out to the LSA Opportunity Hub and we can help you navigate the event!