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Online Presence

Your LinkedIn account connects you to the professional world, be sure that your profile accurately reflects the accomplishments that you have achieved:


LinkedIn Profile Checklist:
This quick and easy checklist walks you through each step of the process of building your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Video: This video from LinkedIn shows you how to maximize your profile in less than two minutes.

Profile Review: Schedule an appointment with the LSA Internship Program to receive feedback on your profile.

Your ePortfolio is your opportunity to show what you have accomplished. This could be the content of a presentation you developed, a relevant research project you contributed to, or marketing materials you created. It’s a great way to show employers proof of your abilities, especially if you have completed impressive projects for your classes that could not otherwise be included in your application materials.


MPortfolio has great tips for making your ePortfolio stand out and impress potential employers.

Other Online Presence
Leveraged appropriately, social media can enhance your career opportunity; when used inappropriately, it can be a hindrance. Your reaction during your internship should not be to shut down all of your accounts, instead, be proactive in crafting your voice and public image.