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When You Return

The End Might be the Beginning
Although your internship may be over, you are not quite done with the internship process.  Equally important to the actual internship is ensuring that you have secured great connections that can lead to additional opportunities in the future, reflected on your contributions, and polished the presentation of your experience.

Keep In Touch

Do not let the end of your internship become the end of your relationship with your organization and mentors. Identify key connections and keep them informed on your career progress.

  • LinkedIn: Connect with selected colleagues (full-time staff and your fellow interns). Endorse the skills that made each individual stand out.
  • Thank You: Say thank you to each of the individuals who directly impacted your experiences by sending a personal email or note! This does not replace the in person thank yous that should be conducted before you leave; however, a follow up message a few weeks to a month later will help your colleagues remember your impact!

Reflect (What Did You Love, What Didn’t You Love)

Once your internship comes to an end, do not waste time considering what you accomplished. If you maintained a journal or blog throughout the process, this reflection may be your last entry. Even if you did not, you still have the opportunity to reflect upon your experience.

  • Questions to consider:
    • Did the internship confirm your career goals?
    • Which aspects of your job did you really enjoy?
    • Based on what you learned this summer, what classes would be helpful in pursuing your desired career path?
    • Are there any opportunities available at the University of Michigan that will help you develop your experience in your desired field?
  • Practice your pitch:
    • Develop brief explanation of your experience that explains exactly what you did and what you learned. The more you practice, the more confident you will sound - Investing in this process will pay dividends!

Update Professional Materials

Do not wait until the application deadline to update your professional documents.  Before classes start, dedicate time in your schedule to updating your résumé, LinkedIn, eportfolio.

  • Résumé:
    • If you were actively reflecting throughout your internship, it should be quite easy to identify the impact that you made on your organization.  Once you have updated your résumé, connect with the LSA Internship Program and/or any other trusted contact for a thorough review!
  • LinkedIn:
    • Although you should be updating your profile regularly, be sure to use this time to ensure that all of your information is up-to-date and that you have connected with all of those who have influenced you.
  • Eportfolio:
    • Whether you are just creating your eportfolio or you already have a great website, consult the eportfolio experts at M-Portfolio to ensure that your portfolio is working for you!