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Prepare for Your Experience

Cover Your Internship Bases
Once you’ve landed your internship, new challenges and opportunities arise: How are you going to afford the experience? Can you earn credit for your internship? Where are you going to live? Tackling these questions early will help you concentrate on your internship rather than external factors.

Before departing, assess your needs by creating a budget sheet that accounts for the total cost of the internship experience. This Excel document is great starting place to ensure that you will have enough funds to successfully pursue the opportunity:

Whether or not your internship is paid, LSA provides eligible students with up to $5,000 to supplement the expenses incurred throughout the internship process. Find out more information about scholarship criteria, deadlines, and frequently asked questions.

Academic Credit:
While some employers require students to earn academic credit for their internship experience, all LSA students, who meet the course requirements, are eligible to earn credit for their internship by enrolling in ALA225. Throughout the course, students will be asked to explore and reflect upon each phase of the internship process in order to develop an understanding of what they desire in a professional opportunity.

Finding appropriate temporary housing can be more stressful than earning the internship offer. To find the best option for you, consider the following tips:

  • Ask your employer for recommendations on where to look for housing
  • Connect with individuals from the University of Michigan who will be interning in the same city
  • Identify nearby universities for on campus housing options
  • Reach out to former interns at the company to find out where they lived

Find a Mentor:
One of the greatest assets of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts is the esteemed alumni base. Before beginning your position, identify mentors who can help you navigate your career and a new city:

  • DYAC Mentorship Program
  • LinkedIn: Find your own mentor. If you are heading to a new city, seek out fellow Wolverines who can provide you with career insight while introducing you to local coffee shops.