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Types of Internship Positions

LSA Global Opportunities provides two different types of internship positions: Alumni-Hosted Internships and Partner Package Internships. When deciding on the type of position you wish to apply to, it is important to consider several factors, such as your comfort and experience with living abroad, the cost of the internship, etc. Before diving in to learning about the myriad of opportunities provided through LSA Global Opportunities, we recommend you read a little about the difference between Alumni-Hosted Internships and Partner Package Internships so that you can select an internship that is a good fit for you.

Alumni-Hosted Internships

LSA Global Opportunities has developed close ties with 100+ U-M global alumni who look forward to mentoring undergraduate interns each summer. These positions can be very customizable based on your interests. Although we are expanding our network each year, these positions can be competitive and are geared towards students who are comfortable living within a foreign culture and/or have travelled abroad before, and are independent and flexible. These positions also include international hosts who are connected to Michigan through various networks. They recognize the value of the skills and can-do attitude that U-M undergraduates bring to the workplace.

Advantages of an Alumni-Hosted Internship:

  • Unique opportunity for mentorship
  • Hands-on involvement in smaller companies
  • Inexpensive (no placement fee)

Challenges of an Alumni-Hosted Internship:

  • Independent living and work
  • No on-site support
  • No guarantee of placement

Alumni-hosted internships are not available to students outside of LSA Global Opportunities programs. If you wish to participate in an alumni-hosted internship, you must apply for the position through the applicable LSA Global Opportunities program. Alumni-hosted internships are available through either the LSA International Internship Program or the LSA & Engineering India Internship Initiative.

Partner Package Internships

LSA Global Opportunities has developed solid partnerships with a group of third-party companies that provide comprehensive internship placement services. Interning with a partner may be the best option for a student who has not been abroad before or who prefers full on-site support that often includes airport pick-up, group housing, group events, local transportation, etc.

Advantages of a Partner Package Internship:

  • Mostly guaranteed placement
  • Communal student living
  • On-site support

Challenges of a Partner Package Internship:

  • Includes placement fee
  • Less independent living and work
  • Dates are often fixed

Partner Package Internships are currently only available through the LSA GO program, the LSA International Internship Program. You may apply to the partner company without first applying to the LSA IIP. However, we suggest that you participate through LSA IIP for the following reasons:

  • Most give a discounted rate to LSA IIP students
  • You will be assisted by the LSA IIP with purchasing discounted health insurance
  • Your travel itinerary will be recorded in the U-M Travel Registry so that U-M can provide immediate assistance in case of emergency
  • You will be part of the U-M cohort with this partner, providing connections to other students in your program