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Enrollment in the summer 2017 International Internship Program is now closed.

LSA students still interested in internship opportunities abroad for summer 2017 can check the LSA Opportunity Network for open individual positions. Otherwise, check back here in fall 2017 for new application deadlines. 

Applying to an international internship through the LSA International Internship Program (IIP) is a two step process. The first step is to complete a short application to participate in the LSA International Internship Program. Once accepted, you will be prompted to apply to specific internships. Detailed instructions are below if you are having trouble accessing the application. The deadline to apply for summer 2017 internships has passed.

Come to walk in office hours MTW 2-4 & ThF 12-2 in 1100 LSA Building or email us with any questions!

Step 1: Am I Eligible?

You must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible to apply for the LSA International Internship Program:

  • You must be currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in the College of LSA (including undeclared LSA students). Students in other schools/colleges (including students who are only pursuing an LSA minor, not an LSA major), students from other U-M campuses, individuals outside the U-M system, and graduate students are not eligible to apply.
  • You must be returning to the University of Michigan as an enrolled student in the fall semester following the internship. Graduating seniors are not eligible to apply.

Don't meet the eligibility requirements? You may still apply to any of the partner organizations without participating in the LSA IIP. Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements may not apply to alumni-hosted internships.

Step 2: What are the Program Requirements?

If you are placed in an internship abroad through the LSA International Internship Program, you must complete the following requirements at the stated times:

At any point before or during your internship, you must:

  • Inform the LSA International Internship Program and the company you were placed with if your plans change in any way.
  • Read all emails from LSA IIP and the company you are placed with and respond/act in a timely manner, if response or action is required.

Prior to departing for your internship, you must:

  • Attend ONE Health & Safety Workshop and swipe your M-Card upon arrival as proof of attendance.
    •   2017 sessions will take place in LSA 2001 on the following days: Tuesday, March 28, 11am-12pm; Thursday, April 6, 1-2pm; Wednesday, April 12, 5-6pm.
  • Attend the IIP Pre-Departure Meeting, which is usually held after the end of winter semester classes on a study day.
    • 2017 IIP Pre-Departure Meeting: Wednesday, April 19, 4-5:30pm, Michigan Union: Anderson Room
  • Complete all pre-departure health and safety requirements in M-Compass prior to the IIP Pre-Departure Meeting. For more information about these requirements, please refer to the page about Health & Safety.
  • Ensure that you obtain necessary work authorization for the country you are traveling to, if applicable, such as a visa.

During your internship, you must:

  • Blog once per week during your internship (on the IIP blog, which is viewable by the public).

After your internship, you must:

  • Attend the IIP Reunion Meeting, which is usually held after the start of fall classes.
    • 2017: Tuesday, September 12, 7-8:30pm, Palmer Commons: Great Lakes Room
  • Produce a digital poster about your experience to present at the IIP Showcase, which is usually held in October following the internship.
    • 2017: Wednesday, October 25, 6-7:30pm, Michigan League: Hussey Room & Concourse Area

Step 3: Get Ready to Apply

Before applying to the LSA IIP, you must decide if you will apply to a Partner Package Internship with one of our partner organizations or to an Alumni-Hosted Internship. Read about the difference to determine which type of internship is the best fit for you.

Once you've decided which type of position is right for you, browse the LSA IIP positions by locationfunction, or language to decide which positions or partners are most interesting to you. Before you start completing the application...

  • If you've chosen to apply to a Partner Package Internship, you must decide which partner you will apply to. You may only apply to 1 partner
  • If you've chosen to apply to an Alumni-Hosted Internship, you must decide which alumni-hosted position(s) you will apply to. You may apply to up to 3 alumni-hosted positions. 

Step 4: Complete the Program Application

Now that you have decided which partner or alumni-hosted positions to apply to, it is time to complete the Program Application.

It may take up to 5 business days for your application to be reviewed. In the meantime, move on to Step 5 below!


If you chose to apply to Alumni-Hosted Internships:

Step 5: Write Resumes & Cover Letters

While you are waiting for your Program Application to be reviewed, you should use this time to write a tailored resume and cover letter for each position to which you plan to apply.

Your resume and cover letter should be in separate documents--do not combine them into one document. Make sure to save them as PDF documents and name them in a way that makes it clear which resume and which cover letter you wrote for which job (ex: Doe, Jane Resume NewPath Consulting CRM).

Make sure your resume and cover letter address the "Desired Qualifications" and "Language Requirements" for the position. For example, if you are applying to a position for which experience with a specific software is required, make sure to mention your experience with that software and demonstrate what you know. Need help with your resume and cover letter? Check out the Hub's resume and cover letter resources!

Step 6: Apply to Alumni-Hosted Positions

Once your Program Application has been approved, you are ready to apply to 1-3 Alumni-Hosted positions. Click this link to log in to the LSA Opportunity Network and access the Alumni-Hosted Positions. You will see a list of all LSA International Internship Program Alumni-Hosted Positions. You can use the search function to find the positions to which you want to apply.

If you haven't yet already, click the "Documents" tab on the left sidebar and upload your resume and cover letter. After your resume is uploaded, the "Apply" button will appear on the individual positions. 

Click on the position, then click "Apply" in the upper right. Select the resume or cover letter that you prepared for this position, then click "Submit."

When the position closes, the employer will receive all of the resumes and cover letters from students who applied. The employer will then choose which students to contact for interviews, with help of the Global Opportunities team. You will likely hear back about the position in late January (not guaranteed).

If you chose to apply to a Partner Package Internship:

Step 5: Apply to the Partner Organization

Once your Program Application is approved, you will need to submit an application to the Partner Organization ("Partner Application"). Go to the Partner's website (linked from the partner's page on Hub website) and follow instructions to apply to the Partner. Questions about this step should be directed to the Partner Organization, although Global Opportunities is happy to give advice.

Step 6: Notify LSA IIP of Placement

The Partner Organization will walk you through all steps of applying and getting placed in your internship. Once you have received an internship placement, notify the Global Opportunities team by email so that they can help you move forward with next steps for your LSA IIP process.


How long do Alumni-Hosted Internships last?

Unless otherwise specified, the dates for alumni-hosted internships will be worked out between the student and the employer. Most internships last 6-8 weeks. 

Can I apply to both an Alumni-Hosted and a Partner Package internship?

No. If you are interested in a Partner Package, our Partner Organizations basically guarantee placement into an internship so it is not necessary to apply to other internships.

If you are interested in an Alumni-Hosted internship but want to make sure you secure a summer opportunity (since Alumni-Hosted internships are at the discretion of the employer and do not guarantee placement), apply to the Alumni-Hosted positions first. If you are not accepted into any of the Alumni-Hosted Internships you apply to, then apply to a Partner Package Internship. The application will ask you to note which partner you will apply to or if you will withdraw from LSA IIP if you are not accepted to an Alumni-Hosted Internship.

My profile page on the LSA Opportunity Network keeps saying that my resume is "in Review for Approval."

The LSA Hub does not need to approve your resumes - the problem is that the document is not converting properly from a Word document to a PDF. We are working to resolve this error with our software provider.

If you see this error message, make sure to upload your documents from the "Documents" tab on the sidebar, and to upload them as PDFs instead of as Word documents.