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Applebaum Internship Program

Make a difference in Detroit this summer with the Applebaum Internship Program, which offers hands-on experience, funding, and professional development to students interning in non-profits and arts organizations in the city and the surrounding areas. 

Which students are the best fit for the program?

Participants in the Applebaum Internship Program are LSA students interested in doing work with impact. They see the vitality of Detroit and the surrounding area and want to play a part in nurturing it. They bring a wide variety of career interests—in coding, marketing, communications, social media, grant management, community outreach, museum collection management, and other areas. And they know that non-profits organizations provide some of the best hands-on experience for careers both within and outside of philanthropy, because there are so many opportunities to apply yourself doing meaningful work.

What are the projects?

Applebaum Internship Program participants are not fetching coffee; they're empowering teenagers by teaching code, they're thinking strategically about how to diversify a volunteer pool, and they're managing a historic museum collection, to name a few projects.

What are the benefits?

Participants join a cohort of students who are eligible to receive $2,500 to $5,000 each in merit- and need-based funding for the summer. They'll also receive pre- and post-internship professional development, join a regional networking event, enjoy speaker presentations, take part in a professional mentoring relationship, and use reflection exercises to gain the full scope of their new skills. The program is designed to ensure LSA students are able to contribute their best work while getting the most out of their experience.

Please note: in order to be eligible for the funding, students must be a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident returning as an undergraduate LSA student in Fall 2018. For more information, contact

How does the application process work?

First, you must apply for (and secure) one of the Applebaum Internship Program eligible positions. Those awarded positions will receive further information about applying for funding.

What’s the deadline for applications?

Applications for internship positions are due March 11; applications for scholarship support through the program are due April 1. 

What are some of the positions?

Program Intern, Winning Futures

Diversity Internship, American Red Cross

Marketing and Communication Internship, American Red Cross

Event and Social Media Intern, InsideOut Literary Arts Project

Red Cross Club Coordinator Internship, American Red Cross

Youth Program Academic Support Intern, Downtown Boxing Gym

Coding Education Intern, JOURNi

Grant Management Intern, American Red Cross

Digital Marketing Strategy Intern, JOURNi

Community Outreach Intern, Zero Waste Detroit

Special Events Internship, American Red Cross

Program Development Intern, Give Merit

Program Intern, Motown Museum

Museum Collections Intern, Motown Museum

New positions!

Oral History Intern, Detroit Historical Society

Exhibit Inventory Intern, Detroit Historical Society

Research, HR, Community Engagement, and More, Detroit Institute of Arts

Teen Council and Youth Programs Intern, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

Grants and Foundation Relations Intern, Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit

Exhibitions Intern, Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit

Events and Communications Intern, Detroit Symphony Orchestra