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Flash Internships

What if you could explore a career over the course of a weekend?

That’s the premise of the Opportunity Hub’s flash internships.

Flash internships are rapid, on-site experiences that provide students a chance to work and network with the top professionals in a given field.

During their one to five days on the job, LSA students explore whether a career is a right fit for them, and if so, what it takes to break into it. The experience is offered at no cost for students thanks to the dedication of our donors.

During a flash internship, students will:

  • Learn about industries like entertainment, nonprofits, finance, tech, and the arts 
  • Gain hands-on experience completing a project related to the work of the organization
  • Network and develop authentic relationships with both industry professionals and their
  • Gain feedback from potential employers on what steps to take to break into the field

Flash internships are open exclusively to LSA students; to view details or apply to upcoming experiences, click the program opportunities below.

Upcoming Flash Internships

Flash Internship: 3 Days in Sports and Entertainment Hospitality
Chicago | October 14–16, 2018

Have you ever been at a concert and wondered “Why are these merchandising lines so long?" Do you ever wish that the concessions at your favorite sporting event could be run more smoothly and efficiently? For those who are looking to try their hand at imagining how these experiences could be improved, this flash internship will help you explore what it takes to design and create memorable experiences for fans around the country.

From the Kentucky Derby to concerts at the United Center to opening day at Ford Field, Levy does it all---operations, analytics, customer experience, innovation and design---and is led by talented U-M alumni. Join us over fall break in Chicago as we explore Levy and connect with other experienced professionals and alumni in sports and entertainment hospitality. Learn more and apply.   


Flash Internship: 3 Days in Nonprofits
Detroit | October 14–16, 2018
Explore the social impact and nonprofit sectors in Detroit with the Applebaum Internship Program. You will take a deep dive into the industry with professionals at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) to learn how they create impact in their community. Learn more and apply.

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