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Flash Internships

What if you could explore a career over the course of a weekend?

That’s the premise of the Opportunity Hub’s new Flash Internship program. Debuting in October, Flash Internships are rapid, on-site experiences that provide students a chance to work and network with the top professionals in a given field. By spending 72 hours on the job, LSA students will explore whether a career is a right fit for them, and if so, what it takes to break into it.

During a Flash Internship, you will:

  • Learn about sectors like finance, tech, and the arts from
    leaders in the field
  • Gain hands-on experience solving a case study for the company
  • Network and develop authentic relationships with industry professionals
  • Gain feedback from potential employers on what steps to take to break into the field

The first Flash Internship: 72 Hours in Finance takes place Oct. 15–17 at William Blair in Chicago. Flash Internships are open exclusively to LSA students; to view details or apply, see the listing in the Opportunity Network.

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