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Opportunity Hub Founders

LSA Opportunity Hub Founders are our alumni and friends who are getting in on the ground floor—those who believe in the mission of the Opportunity Hub and our desire to bring cutting-edge programs, mentoring, employer engagement, and leadership experiences to LSA students as they plan for careers and life after college. These donors are providing the support necessary to build and revitalize the Hub space in the LSA Building, create programs from the ground up, and recruit the talented staff who will shape and execute these programs.

We are grateful for these early investors, who are helping to make the Hub a reality. To learn more about becoming an LSA Opportunity Hub Founder, click the link below.

Hub Champion


Hub Catalyst


Applebaum Family

Costolo Family Fund

Gould Shenfeld Families

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation

John and Cynthia Luce

Steven M. Shindler and Mary Kay Kosnik

Elizabeth S. and Jonathan M. Tisch

Hub Activator


Constance C. and Denis L. Bourke

Joan and David Evans

Cynthia and Joseph Kaplan

Daniel A. and Wendy Kraft


Hub Innovators


Alajbegović Family

Scott and Bonnie Boilen

Jessica Hoffman Brennan and Donald Brennan

Jane Brock-Wilson

Donald F. Brown Estate

Charles R. Casper Estate

Jonathan and Stephanie Carson

William A. Cilluffo, II and Dana H. Cilluffo

Philip H. Corboy, Jr. and Margaret Corboy

Chris and Karin Cramer

Howard DeYoung Estate

Jordan and Kim Dickstein

Gerald and Lisa Donini

Geoff and Alison Edelstein

Henry Engelhardt

Adam Z. Frank and Dana Frank

Deborah and Marc Graboff

Philip and Nicole Hadley

Hope Haron and Eric A. Haron

Susan and David Kalt

Barbara and David Korus

Andy and Ellyn Lansing

Martin and Millie Lau

Richard Marsh

Laurie P. Meskin and Jeffrey Meskin

Lisa J. and F. Clayton Miller

David F. and Carolyn Nyren

Ross H. and Samantha L. Partrich

Scott and Marina Ring

J. Rubin Family Foundation

Michael S. and Margaret D. Schaftel

Charles F. Schwartz and Catherine Sosnick Schwartz

Elaine and Peter A. Schweitzer

J. Calvin Simpson Estate

Danielle and George Skestos

Jill and Christopher Sonderby

Marc and Sandra Taub Family

Bob and Kathy Vizas

Donna and Jason G. Weiss

Howard Widra and Beth Redlich

Gail R. Wilensky

Wilf Family Foundation

Catherine W. Wright Estate