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Connect with LSA Students

We help students turn their education into experience by cultivating LSA alumni-hosted internships around the world; providing funding so all students can have access to those internships; connecting LSA students to alumni, employers, and mentors; and coaching liberal arts students to be ready to put the skills they have to work.

How will you contribute to preparing the next generation of Michigan graduates? There are six important ways listed below. If you’d like to take part, sign up here and tell us how you’d like to give.

Provide an Internship

Host an intern at your organization. Use an existing opportunity or allow us to help you create one.

Volunteer to Mentor

Become a member of the mentor network, where you can guide students one-on-one. Expected launch is Summer 2018.

Visit Campus and Share Your Expertise

Share your story and inspire an LSA student. Present at an event on campus, or join us for an Alumni Connections session in the Hub.

Host a Regional Networking Event with Summer Interns

Gather and connect with LSA students and alumni in cities where students are interning.

Provide a Flash Internship Experience

Host a one- to two-day intense site engagement where students gain deep insight into your organization.

Fund a Student's Internship

By contributing to the LSA Internship Scholarship, you make it possible for students to gain crucial experience.