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Churchill Scholarship

Established in 1963, the Churchill Scholarship funds one year of graduate research and study in a STEM field at the University of Cambridge. 15 Scholars are selected each year.  Scholars typically complete a one-year Master’s degree before applying to US or UK doctoral programs, although the Churchill can be used to fund the first year of a two year Master’s program at Cambridge.

Applicants for the Churchill are strongly encouraged to consider applying for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship as well since it will also support a 1-year master's degree in a STEM field.

Institutional Endorsement: The Churchill Scholarship does not accept direct applications; students must be nominated by the U-M faculty representative, Henry Dyson, LSA Honors Program.  The University of Michigan may nominate up to two students each year.

U-M Nomination Deadline: Final Monday of September by 12 noon

Cambridge Application Deadline: Applicants for the Churchill Scholarship must apply to their intended graduate program at Cambridge by October 11th.  Applicants must list Churchill College as their first choice on the Cambridge application.

U-M Contact: Henry Dyson, Office of National Scholarships/Fellowships


  • A citizen of the United States

  • Between 19 and 26 years of age at the time of application.

  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree, but cannot have completed a doctorate, by time of enrollment at Cambridge.

  • A minimum GPA of 3.7, although most successful applicants with will have a 3.9 or above and significant research accomplishments in their proposed field of study.  (Profiles of the 2016-2017 Churchill Scholars)

Application Instructions:

  • Contact Henry Dyson, LSA Honors Program, to register as an applicant for U-M nomination.

  • Please see the Churchill Scholarship website for detailed instructions regarding the online application.

  • NOTE: Applicants for the Churchill Scholarship must apply for Churchill College on their Cambridge applications, even if you are also applying for other scholarships such as Gates Cambridge of Cambridge Trust.

  • Applicants for U-M nomination should submit each of the following to Henry Dyson at by 12 noon on the final Monday of September:

    • A PDF of the online Churchill application.  This application will include lists of awards, publications, activities, etc. typically found on a resume as well as 2 page personal statement and 1 page proposed program of study. NOTE: applicants should not hit Submit on the application at this stage.  A button on the right side of the online application allows you to create a draft of your online application to submit for the institutional nomination process.  Only selected nominees will submit the online application to the Churchill Foundation after a final review with Henry Dyson.

    • Four academic letters of recommendation from faculty or research sponsors in the applicant’s STEM field of study.  At least one letter of recommendation must come from the applicant’s research supervisor.

    • Email correspondence with the laboratory supervisor at Cambridge indicating a willingness to accept the student into her/his laboratory, pending a successful application. (Not applicable to applicants to the MASt in Mathematics or Astrophysics.)