There are changes of significance to the rules of the Neuroscience major that will go into effect in September 2017.  All students graduating after August 2017 should carefully read this message, because many of you will need to develop a revised plan to complete your major. The reason is that after winter term 2017, MCDB 351 and 352 will no longer be offered, and instead MCDB will replace them with a new course (“Principles of Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience”, Biology 222).


1)      In general, students who have taken MCDB 351 or 352 should complete the major under the rules in effect when they declared. The only reason to do otherwise is if you would like to use Stats 250 towards meeting the LSA distribution requirements. In this case you will need to redeclare under the rules of the new major.

a.       Students who have taken MCDB 351 may not use Biology 222 as an Area A elective.

b.      Students who have taken MCDB 352 may use Biology 222 as an Area A elective.


2)      Students who have not taken either MCDB 351 or 352 will need to take Bio 222. This course will be offered both in the fall and winter terms. 

a.       Students who will be seniors in 2017-18 are urged to take this course in the fall term, 2017 as it will provide essential background for some Winter term 2018 elective courses in Area A.

b.      All other students should plan to complete Biology 222 by the end of their junior year.


3)      Students who have already declared as neuroscience majors, but will be using Biology 222 as part of their major do not need to redeclare. The default action of the UPiN office will be enter an exception notice into your record indicating that this course can be counted as the equivalent of MCDB 351 or 352. However, if you would like to redeclare under the new rules so that you can use Stats 250 for distribution, please e-mail Keith Wittkopp ( or make an advising appointment via the UPIN web site


4)      The full rules of the revised major are available on the UPiN website and on LSA website