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Summer Language Institute

The Near Eastern Studies Department participates in the Summer Language Institute during the Spring and Summer terms. Language courses in Hebrew and Arabic are typically offered. Intensive courses condense one or two terms of language study into an eight-or ten-week format; they provide an excellent means for the students to prepare for a study, internship, work abroad experience, graduate school, or for expanded career opportunities.

Please visit the SLI website here for more information. Information regarding SLI 2016 will be available in early February.

Types of Admission

SLI courses are open to all types of students-- enrolled UM undergraduate/graduate students, high school students, members of the community, UM professors and staff, etc.


Students who choose this option plan to take the SLI courses for transcript/university credit. They will pay tuition and will have it recorded on a University of Michigan transcript at the conclusion of the course.

UM students wishing to take this course for credit should email to request an override. The email should include the following:

  • student's full name
  • uniqname
  • ID number
  • language background (if any) 
  • A brief explanation of what course s/he wishes  to take and why

No Credit/Program Fee

Students who choose this option do not want to receive credit and simply want to gain proficiency in the language. They will pay a program fee (posted by credits on the SLI website) and receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the course.

Students wishing to take the course as program fee/not for credit through the LSA Summer Language Institute should see for more information on the application process.