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The NCID advances its mission by addressing four priorities: Diversifying AcademiaGrowing STEM, Centering MVisible Voices, and Changing Contexts.


Faculty members at the University of Michigan discussing initiatives to support diverse faculty after Dr. Sam Museus's speech on creating equitable faculty environments.


"Diversifying Academia" focuses on developing research, fellowships, and networks in order to diversify scholars and scholarship in higher education.

This priority area is advanced through a variety of research projects, fellowships, and networks.


"Growing STEM" is a faculty-led initiative seeking to form collaborations across academic units to improve the pipeline and experience of underrepresented groups into STEM.

Our multiprong approach is grounded in research that informs challenges and opportunities for collaboration in advancing individuals from underrepresented groups into careers in STEM.


“Centering MVisible Voices” aims to recover and center the historical perspectives of marginalized communities, voices that are often invisible in dominant narratives.

This priority is being launched at a time when the University of Michigan (U-M) is celebrating its Bicentennial – an opportunity to bring to the center historical perspectives and voices that have been marginalized or underrepresented at the U-M and across higher education.


"Changing Contexts" focuses on adapting research, policy, and practice solutions to the diverse institutional contexts in higher education.

Through our "Changing Contexts" priority area, the NCID is working to build knowledge around how different institutional types present unique contexts and challenges and how we can use this understanding to shape policy and practice so that we can create resources for every type of institution.