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Scholars at a Glance


The Diversity Scholars Network is made of hundreds of scholars from around the world from various disciplines, studying innumerable topics and populations, and using a multitude of methodologies. Visit the Scholar Directory to learn more about individual scholars!


Scholar Stories

As part of the Network, the NCID provides opportunities to support and promote scholars' research and scholarship. A long-time goal of the NCID is to raise the national dialogue by advocating for evidence-based solutions to social issues. To that end, we maintain an ongoing showcase of scholars' work, distributed through newsletters and promoted on our website and social media. One such avenue is our monthly series, Scholar Stories.

Two featured Scholar Stories are below:

When I asked why her research is important, I could hear New York University assistant professor Stephanie Cook smile over the phone. For good reason too, because her research is critically important to not only the populations she studies, but also to the field of public health in general.

Dr. Cook describes herself as a public health psychologist. She works with young racial and sexual minority men, studying how their social environments influence the development of their sexual and racial identities, as well as how their attachment styles develop during the emerging adulthood period. Read more...

Chien-Chi Tseng is no stranger to new ventures. Dr. Tseng left behind a lucrative career managing and developing incubation centers across Taiwan university campuses. An incubator, in business-speak, is an organization that assists start-up companies by providing services such as management training and office space. Dr. Tseng has supported and mentored over 100 new business ventures across various university campuses in Taiwan.

After years of working in this field, Dr. Tseng felt compelled to translate his insights from 16 years’ worth of experience in helping new business ventures into research findings. Read more...

Featured Scholars

Every Tuesday, we highlight a Scholar on social media. Check out some scholars below!