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Shannon Best

Hometown: Eaton Rapids, MI

Major: Cell & Molecular Biology

About: I work as a research assistant in the Lukacs Lab of the Pathology Department. In the lab, I serve as a lab technician of sorts, helping with procedures and collecting data. My current project is focusing on the inhibition of a pathway that may be exacerbating inflammasome activation caused by Respiratory Syncytial Virus. As far as the project goes, I have to design/plan the experiments, run the experiment from start to finish, then collect and analyze the data using a small variety of molecular techniques.

What are some things you have learned? Some things that I have learned from research range from specific techniques, like Western Blotting, to applying concepts to experimental design. I've also had to learn how to figure out what is happening when things aren't going according to expectation, which is probably the most important thing that I've learned.