The Modern Greek faculty are grateful to a wonderful colleague for a major double present! Bruce W. Frier, the John and Teresa D’Arms Distinguished University Professor of Classics and Roman Law, presented the Modern Greek Program of the Department of Classical Studies with two original prints by the renowned British artist David Hockney. Both were executed to illustrate Fourteen Poems from C.P. Cavafy, with translations by Nikos Stangos and Stephen Spender; this book was published by Editions Alecto in 1967 in London both as a limited edition book and as six loose-leaf portfolio editions, as well as in issuances of single prints from which these two were drawn. The first print, titled “Cavafy in Alexandria,” shows a bust of Cavafy against the skyline of Alexandria. The second print, which is signed by Hockney, illustrates the Cavafy poem “He Enquired after the Quality” about a homosexual moment between a salesman and a customer in an Alexandrian men’s clothing store. Prof. Frier gave these prints to Modern Greek on January 26, 2017, in order to recognize its enormous success in introducing this language and culture to the University curriculum over the last three decades, and in particular because of the Program’s close ties to the extraordinary legacy of Constantine Cavafy. The two prints are property of the University and are to remain with Modern Greek and its home Department. Modern Greek is grateful to their colleague both for the splendid present and for his broad and rewarding support over the years.