MEMS is pleased to announce this important endowment in support of U-M's premodern studies community and its activities. Tom Green relates the nature and purpose of the gift:

"Our gift, 'The Medieval and Early Modern Studies Endowment Fund (Established 2012 by Thomas A. and Ruth B. Green),' based on a founding sum of $50,000 and open to additional contributions by ourselves or others (either to the Endowment itself or to the Endowment's expendable account), is to provide general support for the activities of the MEMS program. This gift is made in recognition of the University of Michigan's large number of extraordinarily talented and devoted faculty and graduate students in all areas, disciplinary and geographical, of premodern studies, and in support of the important collective side of their scholarly life, manifested largely through MEMS, as it now exists or may evolve.

The gift comes on the 40th anniversary of our arrival in Ann Arbor, the first year of MEMS' predecessor, the Medieval and Renaissance Collegium, in which I taught alongside the many fine scholars who paved the way for MEMS. MARC and MEMS have for four decades provided a third home for me, alongside my primary domiciles in the Law School and the History Department. Our gift is a small but heart-felt return for all that the premodern community has given me and, we hope, a foundation for succeeding generations of this remarkable intellectual community. It seems an appropriate step to take, as the activities of this community--as with all academic scholarly communities--whether through scholarship, teaching, conferences, talks or discussion groups, are as much a matter of building a foundation for those who will inherit, and shape, the future of the enterprise as they are a manifestation of present interests. Ruth and I commend the College of Literature, Science and the Arts for their long and ongoing support of premodern studies, and we are honored to be included among the founders of LS&A's many endowment funds."

For the official release, see "Giving Back."