A delegation of members of the Mediterranean cluster presented different aspects of Mediterranean studies at UM to the conference on “The Mediterranean and Maritime Perspectives” held at the University of California, Santa Cruz, 2-4 May 2013. The conference consisted of a two-day symposium and a day-long workshop of papers. Sponsored by the Mediterranean Seminar/University of California Multi-Campus Research Project, it provided an opportunity for scholars from around the world to discuss the contribution of Mediterranean studies to research, scholarship, teaching, and institutional structures. Speakers from Michigan included:

Pamela Ballinger, “Adding Water to the History of the Adriatic”

Eric Calderwood, “At the Margins: Spain and Morocco in (and out of) the Mediterranean”

Michèle Hannoosh, “The Mediterranean Perspective on Global History and Culture: An Interdisciplinary Faculty Cluster at the University of Michigan”

Harry Kashdan and Will Stroebel, “Mediterranean Topographies at the University of Michigan”

Karla Mallette, “Mediterranean Studies and Area Studies”